Daylight Savings Sleep Advice by Maryanne Sayers Baby Sleep Educator

  • With daylight savings time, it is important to maintain your baby or toddler’s usual routine all the way through. 
  • All babies and younger toddlers should be having a solid 12 to 13 hours of sleep at night – bedtime 6pm and waking to start the day between 6am and 7am. That is their natural body clock times.
  • Their room needs to be super dark at bedtime and all night.
  • It’s important for the right sleep foundations to be in place before daylight savings arrives, in order for the transition to daylight saving to be smooth. If babies aren’t in the right cycles to begin with and if the right sleep foundations aren’t set up - then daylight saving can become very challenging and it can all fall apart.
  • If you need help to set up all the right foundations and to have your baby in the right cycles before daylight saving hits, reach out to me and we can set it all up and get  ALL your baby’s sleep issues resolved.
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