Dutch Children Sleep Longer


Dutch children sleep longer than in other countries.  

Compared to American babies, Dutch babies at the age of six months get two hours of sleep more every day on average.

Yes, two hours every day!  You can help kids sleep longer in your family, too, with a few suggestions.  Imagine what you could do in those two hours, maybe get some extra sleep yourself,  prep dinner for tomorrow, work, catch up on emails, or work your way to the bottom of that laundry.

A Dutch mother explains why Dutch children sleep longer & how you can help kids sleep better.

“Here’s how the Dutch pull this sleeping thing off & help kids sleep.” – Kittie. 
Today Kittie Ansmes explains why Dutch children tend to sleep an average of two hours more every night.

The Calendar Culture Help Kids Sleep Longer

As a Dutch culture, we are not particularly known to be the most spontaneous and flexible people. Everything is planned and unannounced visits are rare. From our bedtime routine to a sleep schedule that is consistent, it all helps children sleep through the night and sleep longer.

This is engraved in Dutch culture, where time is considered valuable, and being late is considered rude. Even informal parties have ending times that indicate when the guests should leave, especially when parents have small children (and hence are permanently exhausted).

Spontaneity may not be the way that we live our day-to-day lives, but it is certainly easier to plan a party around your children’s bedtimes nonetheless.

As a parent, you don’t have to feel embarrassed at all about leaving early because your kids need their sleep, and those hours before bedtime are important.

This is what some might label as an over-planned culture, but it creates the perfect circumstances for the healthy sleep habits of children.

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