Fun baby Shower Games

Organising a baby shower?

Looking to add some fun and flair?

Here are some games to keep the party in the air!

1. Nappy Decorating:

Grab some nappies and markers bright, get creative, make them a sight!

2. Baby Bingo.

Fill your cards with baby shower terms, Shout BINGO! and see who confirms!

3. Guess the baby food:

Taste and guess the flavours bland, Whoever guesses most wins the grand!

4.Baby Name Race:

Write down names A to Z, See who finishes first - they're ahead!

5. Nappy Derby:

Blindfolded nappy change on dolls, Fastest hands get cheers and calls!

6. Bottle chugging:

Fill baby bottles, who drinks up fast, A race to the finish, a total blast!

7. Measure Mamas Belly!

Guess the girth with a ribbon or string, Closest guess wins some shiny bling!

8. Baby Pictionary:

Draw baby items, guess what they are, laughter and cheers will surely go far.

9.Who's the Baby?

Bring baby photos, guess who's who, match the guest to the baby view.

10. baby word Scramble:

Unscramble words related to baby, the quickest one wins, oh maybe!

Add these games to your shower plan, and make it a hit if you can!


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