Routine within the chaos!!

A dear friend of mine gave me some sage advice when I was pregnant with my first child.

‘Maintain routine within the chaos’.

She went on to explain: ‘whenever you go out, to parties, visiting family, out at restaurants, anywhere; maintain your bubs' usual sleep routines. If you have a set of things you do before you put your baby to sleep; do exactly the same wherever you are’.

Routines, as we know, help children feel safe and give infants security and stability. These rituals also give parents a sense of organisation and the predictability reduces stress.

Deciding on a set of steps to follow such as a feed, nappy change, singing a song: all these steps give your baby cues to know what is coming next. You might finish by using a baby swaddle such as Love and Lees' 100% organic cotton swaddles to wrap your baby up before laying them down in their cot or pram or bassinet depending on your location.

This also helps when its time for someone else to watch baby, this way they have clear steps to follow and bub knows exactly what to expect.

I took this advice; and I'm not going to say I didn’t have any sleep issues which we all experience as parents of young babies. However, more often than not, even with chaos all around, my baby went off to sleep wherever we were.


I hope this helps when you’re out and about with your bub.

Jodi xx

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