Checklist when your newborn is howling the house down

The essential newborn checklist.  Wrap in beautiful 100% organic gots cotton swaddle muslin wraps.  Snuggle under 100% bamboo baby blankets and wash with luxuriously soft 100% bamboo baby washcloths

You just want your baby to be happy and settled but it can be very stressful when she is crying, she’s so little and you can not figure out what is the matter.

When you just don’t know what else to do to make your baby settle, go through the following checklist in your head, more than likely – one of these things will help.  

Is she hungry?

Feed her – hungry little bears can become angry little bears very quickly.

Does she have a dirty nappy?

Change her.  Love & Lee bamboo washcloths can also make for good baby wipes if your baby has a very sensitive bottom, just make wet with luke warm water, wipe and wash.

Is she cold?

Love & Lee 100% bamboo blankets are perfect for snuggling her up and making her comfortable and warm.  

Is she hot?

Take a layer off or get some fresh air. 

Does she just need a cuddle from you?

Mummy and Daddy cuddles can fix a lot of tears.

Is she tired?

Gently get her ready for her bedtime, snuggle her with a gorgeous and super soft 100% bamboo blanket and watch her drift off to the land of nod.

Does she have wind?

A pat on the back can help let out a good burb and make her feel better.

Is she overstimulated?

Babies also need down time, too much excitement can just be too much for some little people.

Most importantly listen to your own instincts. 

You’re doing an amazing job.  Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back for creating this beautiful little human being who is so loved and cared for. 

A dear friend of mine told me about this list when we had our first little girl and it was so helpful.  Especially when you are sleep deprived and just not sure which direction is which.  This list has helped many new mums and dads gather their wits. 

Much love, Jodi

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