The ultimate fun "to do" list while pregnant

Fun things to do while pregnant.  List of best things to do while pregnant

You're growing a human being! 
It can be tiring, exciting, nerve wracking, invigorating and so much more.

One thing is for sure, you're doing a LOT of hard work and you deserve to have some fun.  There are so many lists saying what you can't do and can't eat - we wanted to give you a list of fun things you CAN do.


  • Plan a babymoon

One of the best inventions of modern day - a babymoon is like a honeymoon but before the baby comes.  The best time for a babymoon is in your 2nd trimester, show off your baby bump - lounge around the pool, relax and put your feet up.


  • Paint your belly

Get some non-toxic body paint and create your master piece on top of your master piece!  Or if you have other children, let them have a go.  Make sure you take lots of photos.


  • Dance

Put your tunes on and dance to your hearts content.  Don't worry about playing something baby appropriate, whether you are into Bieber, Dr Dre or Flume.  Whatever is your thing and makes you happy is perfect.


  • Get dressed up and go on a date

Dress your beautiful self up and go somewhere nice.  Take turns with your partner to organize dates - relax and enjoy each other. 


  • Your nursery wishlist

Online shop!  Choose your favourite things and share them with your friends and family - they will be wondering what to give you for the baby shower, so help them out by getting your wishlist ready. 

Please keep in mind to choose products which are safe for your baby.  Products with polyesters in them are made from nasty fossil fuel petrochemicals and products made from conventional cottons can have harmful and hormone disrupting chemicals in them, which can harm your baby.

Love & Lee has created a gorgeous, organic and free of nasty chemicals baby brand which ticks all the boxes, best for baby and best for the environment.  Love & Lee check out the range!


  • Nest

For some reason most women find it really therapeutic to nest, this might mean folding, washing and refolding every article of clothing or blanket you have in the nursery.  If this is your thing and makes you happy, put some tunes on and nest to your hearts content.


  • Joke around

Ever thought of grabbing your young teenage nephew by the shoulders, shaking him and yelling "the baby is coming!" just to see what his reaction is?  Go for it - have fun, giggle, laugh and enjoy yourself even if this means playing a practical joke or two for your own amusement.


We've had 2 little people of our own, I'd love to hear from you to see what your favourite fun pregnant thing is - we can add it to our list! 

Get in touch with the comments below.

x Eve


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