4 top tips to getting your baby to sleep

Top tips to getting a newborn to sleep organic cotton baby muslin wrap

Ah, the elusive sleep… babies need it and so do you. 

You really want to get your gorgeous new baby to peacefully nod off to the wonderful land of lullabies right?

Some babies don't sleep very well and some do, they are all unique and individual and what works for some doesn't always work for others. 

As new parents it can feel tough when people ask "does your baby sleep through the night?"  You know, it doesn't always happen easily, and no matter what - you should never feel like a failure if your baby doesn't sleep well.  If your baby is being loved and cared for, you are doing an amazing job and the sleep will eventually come, sooner or later.

At Love & Lee we are parents too, we get that some babies sleep easily and some hardly sleep at all.   We would love to share some of our own top tips with you, maybe they can help:


Turn down the lights

This easy routine can let baby know that it is time to start getting ready to nod off.


Give her a relaxing and gentle bath

A bath can be really relaxing for your baby, especially if it is calm and soothing. 

Love & Lee 100% bamboo washcloths are a perfect addition to your babies bath time, they are soft as a fluffy cloud and will not irritate her delicate soft newborn skin.


Swaddle her

Using a baby muslin swaddle can make your baby feel secure and safe.  Ensure you only use the very best 100% organic GOTS cotton certified muslin swaddles to wrap your baby in – Love & Lee has a range of beautiful designs for you. Ensuring babys' room is warm enough to throughout the entire night, using a room thermometer will help with this.


Be predictable

Babies respond well to routine and despite them being so little, they are really quite clever.

By establishing a night time routine your baby will soon learn when it is time to sleep.

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