Tips to stay connected with your grandchildren when you can't see them

Top tips to stay connected with your grandchildren when you can't see them.

 In our digital world, staying connected online can be a convenient way to be a part of your Grandies lives. It can be a way to feel like you get to 'hang out' together. Parents can set up a device in the kids play area so they can include you in their playtime by chatting with you whilst they play.

For newborns and younger babies, you could simply sing to them and talk or read a story so they get used to your voice.

Everybody loves to receive a surprise in the post. Writing your grandchild a letter or card or simply exchanging drawings. You could send a list to your grandchild of things for them to collect - a treasure hunt; the next time you facetime or connect online they could show you what they found and tell you all about it.

When you travel you might send postcards telling them about the places you are visiting and letting you know you miss and love them.

Using a streaming service such as Watch2gether, Kast etc to watch movies together from different places.

Send them little notes randomly to let them know you think of them often.

Set a routine time to chat with them that suits both parties and stick to it as much as possible, even if its just a quick catch up.

As they get older it can get a little more fun with joint paintings where one person paints a part and sends in on for the other to do a part etc until its finished or each person knits a square which eventually becomes part of a family blanket.



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