What to pack in your hospital bag for you and baby


Maternity Baby hospital bag essentials what to pack for your hospital baby bag

Tummy getting bigger?  

Made and unmade the baby’s bed 47 times already? Folded, washed, itemized and colour coded all the baby clothes?

Time to pack your hospital bag!  Here are a few tips:


  • Music

Hospitals can be busy places and whether you are in labour or have just had your baby, you may like to put on some of your own tunes and just zone out for a bit.  Make a playlist that will make you smile and relax.  Remember your charger!


  • A nightie / mama dress

You can use this when you need to walk around the hospital and it has easy access for breastfeeding.  A lightweight one is better than a bulky heavy one as hospitals can be warm.  Check out the range at our friends The Comfort Mama


  • Toiletries and a few hairbands

Pack these like you are travelling – small and compact so they don’t take up too much space.

Don’t take anything you won’t need, you probably won’t be shaving your legs so leave the razor at home.  


  • Lipbalm and moisturiser

The aircon in the hospital can make your skin feel a bit dry, pamper yourself a bit with some nice lipbalm and moisturizer – non scented is best so you don’t overpower that beautiful newborn smell.  


  • Slippers and socks

Make sure you can slip into these without needing to bend down.  Slippers are essential for trips to the bathroom or when walking around the hospital.

Your feet can get cold in labour so it’s nice to have some comfortable thick socks to slip into.


Babies love to be wrapped, it helps them to feel safe and secure as well as helping them sleep.  Protect your newborn baby's skin by swaddling her in 100% organic cotton muslin swaddles, ensure she is not exposed to the nasty chemicals used in regular cotton.  She is perfect and pure just the way she is, this is why  Love & Lee created the finest GOTS certified organic cotton swaddles in a range of beautiful colours for you to feel safe knowing your precious baby is wrapped up in the very finest organic cottons.  SHOP NOW.


  • Outfits for the baby

The easiest are all in one stretchy outfits, make sure you pack some singlets too.


The first bath is so special, they are so little and you made them!  Wash your new baby’s delicate and sensitive skin with luxuriously soft bamboo washcloths.  Your baby won’t need to feel the scratchiness of cotton washcloths on their perfect new skin.  SHOP NOW


  • A few changes of loose, comfortable clothes

Shirts are great as they offer easy breastfeeding access.  You will also need some loose fitting clothes as it will take a while for your tummy to go down.    


  • Nursing bras and knickers

Take 2 – 3 comfortable nursing bras and 6 – 8 (black) knickers (high waisted are good if you have a caesarean)


  • Breast pads and nipple cream

Remember to ask the midwives and nurses for advice with breastfeeding, and if you find one that is not helpful, ask someone else.  Not everyone picks up breastfeeding straight away, you deserve to receive the right support, so don’t be scared to ask


  • Maternity pads

It can be a bit messy, good maternity pads will really help and make you feel more comfortable


  • Earplugs and an eyemask

It can be noisy and bright in a hospital and these can really help you get some well deserved zzzz’s.


  • A notebook, pen, phone and charger

It can really help to track your baby’s feeding and nappy change schedule, especially in those early days when hours seem to dissolve into each other, it’s easy to loose track and a schedule can really help.


Having your hospital bag ready and packed can be a great way to feel prepared but don't stress too much, babies are born perfectly well everyday without them.  The most important thing is you, you're about to meet your little human you've been making!  We're so excited for you.

Jodi x

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