Meet our team

They really are wild

Find these guys in our packaging

We love reuse and repurpose design, so we created our packaging to be turned into toys as our gift to you.

Meet the team; they are diverse, unique and come with many different skill sets and passions.  Stay tuned, because as we grow, so will the team.


Lee is our company elephant.  He takes up a lot of space in the office but we just love having him around.

He’s a true environmentalist and reminds us daily to be mindful of our environmental impact on the world.

Lee loves our values to develop beautiful, natural, biodegradable and ecofriendly baby shower gifts for your precious babies.

Lee comes inside our 100% bamboo washcloths packaging as our special gift to you.



Raphy is our company giraffe.  We had to get the builders in to raise the roof of our office but we didn’t mind.

He is a delight to have around, he loves a cup of tea with his vegan slice and enjoys changing the batteries in the smoke alarms.

Raphy has a lot of experience buying baby shower presents for all his nieces and nephews.

Raphy comes inside our 100% bamboo blanket packaging as our special gift to you.


Louis is our company lion. He's is very talkative and likes to distract us with funny jokes. 

But don’t let him get hungry because he does get a bit cranky.  We always have some snacks on hand for him, just in case.

It was his idea for Love & Lee to dedicate itself to being 100% plastic free and we gladly took on his advice.

Louis comes inside our 100% organic cotton muslin swaddle wraps packaging