How to be the best new Grandma ever


 Be the best new Grandma Ever!


Top tips for the first-time Grandma.

You’re so excited you could burst!  And your daughter / daughter in law is excited too! 

The next generation!  Playdates, visits to the park and giving treats, cuddles and gifts!


You want to develop the very best relationship possible between yourself and your precious grandbabies.  The key to this is developing the best possible relationship with the parents of your grandbabies.  Here are some very simple steps you can take to ensure you create a wonderful, supportive,  peaceful and loving bond between yourself, your new grandbaby and their parents.


1) Be there to give advice, but only when asked

New parents often feel insecure and uncertain, sometimes well meaning advice can cause friction as it undermines the parents own abilities.  It is also a good idea to remember that things may have changed since your own children were babies; vaccinations, car seats, co sleeping arrangements etc. 

You can also say things like “If you would ever like some advice or someone to talk to, I’m always here for you".  Your advice and experience is so valuable so make them feel like they can always ask if they need.


2) Love unconditionally

Every child is different and every child has its own journey through childhood. Some sleep, some don’t, some eat, some don’t, some cry and some don’t.

Your grandchild is an individual and special in his own way, don’t compare him with your friends' grandchildren.  Love him, just the way he is.


3) Share the love

If there is an older sibling involved, this is a great opportunity to make them feel special.  Our unique Love & Lee packaging design allows for this opportunity with packaging which can be made into an amazing little toy animal.   Check out our website for this cool and inclusive design.


4) Keep any judgement or criticism to yourself

Unless the baby is in danger, it is not very helpful to judge or criticize new parents.  You can help so much by being supportive and giving confidence.  Little words such as “you’re doing such a great job with the baby, I’m so proud of you” can make the world of difference to a new mum or dad.


5) Start a special book

This can be a great way to document all the excitement, write down letters to your new grandchild, perhaps some funny stories about the family they have been born into, some photos or memorabilia or even some newspaper clippings of nice events that happened on the day they were born. You can keep this journal until they are an adult and gift it to them on their 18th birthday.


6) Get your home ready

Especially if you live close by and your new grandchild will be spending quite some time at your house.  You can check with your grandchild’s parents what they would like you to do, but some suggestions may include the following:

Make your home safe for little fingers (putting loose cords away and locking away poisons) 

Have some supplies on hand (nappies, wipes, toys etc)

Buy some books (reading is such a special time to bond and connect)


7) Respect opinions

You may not always agree with the decisions made but unless the baby is in danger, it is important you respect those decisions.  Some parents choose to co-sleep, others choose to let the baby cry it out, some choose to carry the baby, others choose not.   Your children may choose to parent differently to you.  It’s important to try and respect their decisions.  There is no quicker way to create a divide than to purposefully go against the wishes of your grandchild’s parents.   


8) And of course: give the best presents

Choose from our beautifully designed organic cotton and natural bamboo baby products.  Love & Lee offers thoughtfully designed, eco friendly baby shower gifts which will set you apart as the best Grandma ever.

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