Nesting during pregnancy

Nesting during pregnancy

Nesting during pregnancy... one of those things you don't really believe actually happens until it happens to you.


Why do we get this uncontrollable urge to nest?  I'm not a scientist so I don't have this answer but I do remember how it feels.

There's a busyness around it and a real pleasure with preparing your home, the baby nursery, cleaning like your life depended on it and getting your pantry and freezer stocked and basically preparing your nest.

I recently asked our Love & Lee followers what they did when they were nesting and the overwhelming majority did the same thing:

- Washing and folding teeny tiny baby clothes, sometimes over and over again

- Baking and stocking the freezer (eating the baking and freezer contents and having to bake and restock again)

- Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning (full steam clean of the house and car anyone?)

- Packing all the cute little things in the hospital bag (click here for tips and tricks)


But mostly, it was cleaning, washing and cooking.

It's so funny isn't it, because cleaning, washing and cooking is normally not my forte either but when I was nesting I absolutely loved it, and the overwhelming response from the Love & Lee crowd was that they enjoyed the process too.

I'm keen to hear what your nesting thing was! 

Leave me a comment in the comments section below. 

Jodi xx

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